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Dunblobbin.com is a website dedicated to preserving the memories of one of the strangest theme parks that has ever existed. Hailed as Britain's first TV theme park, Crinkley Bottom at Cricket St Thomas was one of biggest attractions in Somerset during the mid-1990s, but its niche popularity and controversies forced it to close down by the new millennium. For over a decade it seemed the park was forgotten, blanked out of the history books and never to be seen again.

But fast-forward to the age of social media and 90s nostalgia, and the children who once grew up with Power Rangers and the Big Breakfast are now reminiscing about their visits to such a bizarre-sounding theme park. Photos, YouTube videos and hashtags are cropping up across the net, desperate to grasp what exactly a South West safari park and Penelope Keith had to do with Noel Edmonds. Was there really a luridly-coloured Mr Blobby House? And didn't it only last thirteen weeks?

The answers to all these questions can be found here, on the unofficial home of all things to do with Crinkley Bottom at Cricket St Thomas. Yes, there was a Blobby House, and no, it was open far longer than thirteen weeks (the Crinkley Bottom park in Morecombe holds that distinction). But aside from those faded photos and blurry memories lies a deeper story, one that involves giant Flowerpot Men, Gunge Mines and non-existent Blobbyland raves. Refer to Park History for the lowdown, and why not have a look at our Attractions pages too?


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In case you hadn't realised, Dunblobbin was the official name given to Mr Blobby's House. But as a website, Dunblobbin.com is a virtual museum, giving you the facts, figures and details of a sorely-underrated theme park. Launching in September 2017, we have hundreds of photos, promotional items and personal memories to share with you from back in the day, and like all good museums we will be rotating our exhibits and adding more and more. Everything on this site is the result of over a decade of research into the park, but that research doesn't stop now. We really value your memories so if you have any photos, videos or items you'd like to share, get in touch and we'd be happy to include you in our journey to definitively document Crinkley Bottom for prosperity!

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