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Cover of the 1994 Souvenir Guide

Cover of the 1994 Souvenir Guide

Blobbyvision VHS, 1994, still sealed with free postcard.

Blobbyvision VHS, 1994, still sealed with free postcard.

Crinkley Bottom had a wealth of publicity during its run, although very little survives to this day. You're unlikely to find an unused Crinkley Bottom napkin at your local Oxfam, but here at Dunblobbin we can provide you with a glimpse of what you could get your hands on during the park's short life...

The most extravagant item available was the Crinkley Bottom souvenir guide (pictured at the top of the page). Containing details about the park and its attractions, it even came with a free Mr Blobby mask! This guide was issued in 1994, and despite its broad content it sadly features very few photos of the park itself. A second guide was issued in 1997, following the rebrand of Cricket St Thomas, and featured mainly wildlife-related features.

For some true Crinkley Bottom nostalgia, see if you can find Blobbyvision on YouTube. The 1994 VHS was filmed on location at Cricket St Thomas and used numerous attractions at the park. These included Cricket House, Crinkley Bottom Airport and, briefly, Mr Blobby's House. The front cover of the video showed Blobby in his lounge, and a free postcard came sealed in cellophane.


Then there was a number of ceramic items available to buy. These all displayed the same Crinkley Bottom logo transfer and featured Cricket House in the centre. Items included a thimble, a pill box and mug. These are not to be confused with the Crinkley Bottom decorative plates, which were issued for general sale and not exclusive to the park itself.

Crinkley Bottom visitors could also buy souvenir badges to celebrate their time at the park. The first was a large badge with the original Crinkley Bottom logo, while another design was issued following the rebrand of the park as Cricket St Thomas

Then there were the leaflets. Containing the map of the park and details relating to opening times, ticket prices and dates for special events, these items provide a perfect snapshot of the Crinkley Bottom era. Following the 1997 rebrand of the park, the Crinkley Bottom name was removed from all publicity materials. Below are the leaflet covers for 1994 to 1998.

Along with printed materials there were a number of television adverts for Crinkley Bottom, mainly shown on the regional ITV channels Meridian and HTV. Here are a selection of the advertisements used during the park's run. The first is from 1995, when TV's Family Favourites was opened, which was also shown as an edited 10-second version. The second shows Mr Blobby and Noddy in Blobbyland, and the third is a brief summer advert promoting the photo opportunities at the park, from 1996.


While visiting Crinkley Bottom, a number of disposable items may have ended up in visitors' possession. Entry into the park required a ticket, and there was also an opportunity to grab a map if the leaflet was too unwieldy. Whilst at the Pavilion Restaurant, napkins displaying the park's logo were present, and buying items from the various shops in the park may have warranted the use of a branded plastic bag. Correspondence with Crinkley Bottom required branded paperwork, so a letterhead and compliment slip were designed. All of these items can be seen below.


And finally, a brief glimpse into the world of Crinkley Bottom from the point of view of those who worked there. Staff at the park had a selection of branded clothing items they could wear whilst at work, such as jumpers and fleeces. Below is an example of the Crinkley Bottom t-shirt, displaying the park's logo on the back. Many thanks to Alan for finding this gem and getting in touch!

A number of other items were produced to promote the park, but sadly images of these are not currently available. One of the most popular was a car sticker that proclaimed 'I've seen Noel Edminds' Crinkley Bottom!'. If you have any promotional materials from Crinkley Bottom or Cricket St Thomas during the 1990s, please contact us as we would love to include them on this site.