Blobby Shows


While Noel Edmonds was required at the BBC studios every weekend for Noel's House Party, numerous Mr Blobby suits could be cloned and sent all over the country to make personal appearances. It is not clear how many suits ended up at Cricket St Thomas, but at least one of them became the star of Mr Blobby's popular live performances.

Blobby Cafe.jpg

Originally held in a large marquee with a grand showbiz-style stage surrounded by a huge backdrop showing famous BBC celebrities, the live Blobby shows later became a slightly more low-key affair, held in the Pavilion Theatre (previously a restaurant, pictured).

Blobby on stage.jpg

Mr Blobby's live appearances attracted visitors from all over the country, despite his performances being relatively short to ensure the actors in the costumes did not overheat. Blobby was supported by a compere, game for all manner of pranks, jokes and chants. Various pink-and-yellow props were utilised, as well as the occasional appearance of a rather dashing Crinkley Bottom t-shirt. Mrs Blobby and Baby Blobby made occasional appearances, too.

The best part of the show, however, was the opportunity to have your photograph taken with Blobby himself, often on a Blobby throne. Photos were presented in a yellow cardboard frame, displaying the words 'A memory of your day at... Crinkley Bottom'. This was later changed to 'A memory of your day at... Cricket St Thomas', after Blobby's presence at Cricket St Thomas was reduced somewhat in 1997 and the park was no longer referred to as Crinkley Bottom. With over a million people visiting the park during its run, there must be literally thousands of these photos in existence. Below are a selection of those that were taken.


Mr Blobby c2010.jpg

Following the closure of Blobbyland and the removal of all mention of Mr Blobby at the end of 1997, live shows were no longer held at Cricket St Thomas. Instead, an emphasis was made on Noddy and Big Ears being the park's mascots, though live performances were not common for these characters.  A Mr Blobby suit remains at Cricket St Thomas, though in a state of disrepair and missing most of its facial features. A resident of the park filmed himself wearing the suit in 2015. It is not clear whether this is the only suit used at the park, but it is likely to have been used for the live appearances.


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