Blobsessed with Blobby!

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Blobbymania may have been massive in the early 90s, but for some people the appeal of Mr Blobby has never gone away. Blobby fan Emily runs @misterblobbycollection on Instagram, and she has amassed an impressive selection of pink and yellow goodies.

She told Dunblobbin, 'I’ve been collecting Mr. Blobby merchandise for just over a year, but only started showcasing it recently as I finally gathered up the courage to tell those close to me of my ‘blobsession’! It all started with a simple pin badge for around £2 on Amazon Marketplace. I thought that would satisfy my (at the time) slight obsession. Instead it was the catalyst for much more! I started to find bargains here, there and everywhere; from teapots to ties, VHS tapes to cassettes.'


Emily's favourite item is tricky to pin down, she has so many fantastic items. However, she is very fond of a BBC audio cassette released in 1994; 'the real little gem in my opinion is my copy of the Mr. Blobby Stories cassette tape, it’s incredibly rare and also rather fun to listen to! It features Noel Edmonds and Barry Killerby, Barry is the actor who donned the pink suit all those years ago, but as well as voicing Mr. Blobby, he also voices various characters in six audio stories including a car salesman, a Spanish hotelier and a rather bemused former headmaster who has a nervous breakdown when Mr. Blobby attempts to enrol Baby Blobby into his old school! It’s a really fun side show to the three VHS tapes but, sadly, it’s rather hard to find so many don’t know of it and, unfortunately, have never heard it.'

Emily's collection can be viewed at