25 Years of Crinkley Bottom

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On July 2nd 1994, Noel Edmonds cut the red ribbon to Crinkley Bottom theme park at Cricket St Thomas, surrounded by the Blobby family and park owner John Taylor. The rest you may know, if you have read our Park History page. While Edmonds’ claim that the park and its attractions would outlive House Party and perhaps even Noel himself never came true, here at Dunblobbin we aim to keep the spirit of Crinkley Bottom alive by celebrating a whole quarter of a century since that red ribbon was cut.

To celebrate, it would be fantastic to announce that we were bringing back the park for a whole new generation, but sadly for all manner of reasons this is not something we are capable of achieving (but if there any millionaires out there with a spare country estate and a miniature railway do get in touch in preparation for the 50th Anniversary!). So, instead we have teamed up with the frankly incredible Mr Blobby Collection, who you may be familiar with from a few of our previous blog posts.

The Mr Blobby Collection, or MBC for short, has helped Dunblobbin.com continuously since we first launched, plus their ability to capture the magic of Mr Blobby through their fantastic digital paintings means it seems only right to involve them in our 25th Anniversary celebrations. Firstly, we have designed a unique anniversary logo utilising the theme park’s trademark colours and style. We are also mid-way through a social media campaign showcasing some of the best photographs of the park from the last 25 years. But most importantly, from the 2nd July 2019, MBC and Dunblobbin will be launching the exclusive Crinkley Bottom Limited Edition Gift Set!

The set will be available from our new eBay shop, and will feature a brilliant selection of goodies for all Mr Blobby and Crinkley Bottom fans. With fresh new artwork from MBC, there will be a set of three full-colour postcards, stickers, colouring-in sheets and even a 25th Anniversary badge! Save our eBay shop in your favourite sellers and await the 2nd July for full details.

In addition to this, MBC and Dunblobbin will also be joining forces for a very special event in August which will be revealed on our respective Twitter accounts soon!

And one final thing, if you fancy getting in touch to share any memories of Crinkley Bottom from the last 25 years, please contact us. We would love to see any photos your have or hear stories of your visits!

Happy Anniversary :)